Nose Piercing in Ely and March

Nose Piercing at Evolution
Nose Piercing in Ely & March
Nose and Ear Piercing Salons

Medisept by Studex is recognised by local health authorities, the patented design makes it easy and safe to use and maintain. This system is used in all of our Hair & Beauty Salons in March and Ely in Cambridgeshire; our Piercing Technicians are fully insured and licensed, and will explain the process step by step to you for your peace of mind!

Please kindly note that the legal minimum age for Nose Piercing is 14 years old and should you be lucky enough to appear to be 18 or under we may ask to see identification, or have a parent/guardian present.

Using a fully disposable cartridge system with sterile touch free loading, piercing and disposal with each sealed cartridge unit containing one pre-sterilised nose piercing stud.

All our Studs are Titanium, eliminating the risk of any sensitivities to nickel and are manufactured to FDA medical standards in the USA, with a Polished Titanium for a silver look and Champagne for gold look. The studs have been designed with a flared post to prevent the need for a clasp inside the nostril, and to remain in place for the whole of the healing period.

Please feel free to call one of our friendly Team with any questions you may have or to book your appointment!
Ely Salon 01353 661277
March Salon 01354 278300