Semi Permanent Eyeliner ……get the Latino Look!


semi permanent eyebrows

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Latino Eyeliner Before & After/Semi Permanent Make up/Micropigmentation/Permanent Eyeliner

Enjoy stunningly perfect make-up each and every day. Our Technician has had over 10 years experience in creating your dream look; never worry again about smudgy eyeliner. Be it for your Wedding, holiday or simply to save the time and hassle of keeping that freshly applied look.

Our experienced Aesthetician will guide you through the entire process from start to finish, our Treatments also include a review appointment around 4 weeks from the first.

Your micropigmentation procedure will be carried out in our specialised Clinic Rooms, available in both our Kings Lynn, Norfolk and Ely, Cambs Salons. We pride ourselves on our professional standards and ethics; not only are we friendly and knowledgable, we are properly licensed and insured and use only the highest quality consumables, needles and pigments.

After your initial consultation you will attend your first appointment and then a review appointment is included also.

Your Aesthetician will explain each stage of the treatment

To you. If you have selected a Latino Look, the outline will be drawn on for you to approve before we start. Anaesthetic will be applied to provide maximum effect, and the needles used will cause the minimum amount of swelling possible.

If you are one of our Eyelash Extension clients, you will need to have your lashes removed to get the best possible results; they can then be re applied once healing has finished; we find that the semi permanent eyeliner looks amazing with our Mink Lash Extensions, most clients that have both Treatments say they don’t have the need to worry about any other make-up at all!

We also advise that you have an anti histamine prior to your appointment for maximum comfort, plus one the next day too. You should also invest in a new mascara for after healing has finished-old mascaras harbour lots of bacteria!

Semi permanent make-up will last you years and years, giving you confidence you never thought you would have! Contact one of our Salons now to book your free consultation or with any questions you may have.

We look forward to enhancing the perfect you-why wait? Talk to us today!