Tattoo Removal FAQ

How does the system work?

The Rejuvi Tattoo remover is applied in a similar way to actually having a Tattoo or Semi Permanent make-up, and using the same system.

The tattoo extraction formula gets to work almost immediately, drawing the ink upwards through the skin.

A crust containing the tattoo ink will form over the treated area. Over the following 2-3 weeks as the skin heals, it will push out more of the unwanted ink pigments, the crust will then start to fall away, taking the unwanted ink with it.

The treated are must be kept dry for 7 days after the treatment. See Aftercare section for more information.

Any remaining tattoo ink will also be lightened and moved closer to the epidermis (this is the layer of skin that is constantly be shed).

The e-raze system is so effective that it is technically feasible, although unlikely, that a tattoo can be removed in a single treatment.

Generally, most tattoos can be removed in 3 to 4 treatments, although some tattoos may require more.

Picture shows a cross section of layers of skin, with the tattoo pigment visible. System works by drawing the ink up and out of the top few layers of skin.

Can everyone have this treatment?

Unfortunately those with skin types 5 and 6 on the Fitzpatric Chart are un-suitable for treatment, as skin types 5 and 6 have twice the amount of melanin than skin type 1 and would almost certainly experience some scarring.

Tattoo Removal will it work for me


How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments required can vary depending on the condition of the tattoo, age, type and history. As a general rule, tattoos are usually gone or significantly faded after 3 to 4 treatments. However, no 2 tattoos are the same and circumstances can vary, it can take either more or sometimes less treatments to remove your tattoo.

After the initial treatment, a tattoo can sometimes appear darker and more vivid, this is quite normal and there are two reasons for this effect; during the removal, pigment is not always fully ejected during the crusting process but will still be drawn up towards the epidermis, which may then be shed by the skins natural re-growth process over a period of months. Also with older tattoos the body protects itself from foreign matter, such as tattoo ink, by coating it in cells and over time this gives the tattoo a duller appearance. The treatment process can disturb the coating of cells, causing the original ink to appear more prominent.



Will it hurt?

Prior to commencing your treatment, we will apply a topical anaesthetic to numb the treatable area, so minimum discomfort is caused.


Will it scar?

Unlike Laser Tattoo Removal, the e-raze rejuvi system will not leave a permanent scar, due to the method used. The risk and probability of scarring becomes more  likely if the Aftercare advice you are given is not strictly followed, or most importantly, the Crust is picked or knocked.

As every person heals at varying rates, it is quite normal for some clients to notice a slightly raised, red appearance to the treated area for some weeks or even months after the treatment; the area will naturally heal itself ready for your next treatment.

Please also be aware that factors such as smoking and lifestyle can have an effect on healing time, and in some cases slow the process down considerably.

How long will each treatment take?

You should allow approximately an hour per treatment.


What can the Rejuvi system be used for?

Tattoo Removal is painless

  • To completely remove tattoos
  • To selectively remove parts of tattoos
  • Before or after other tattoo removal methods
  • To lighten an existing tattoo before a cover up
  • Radiotherapy markings
  • Amateur or professional tattoos