NextGen Nails


screen-shot-2016-12-22-at-11-32-25We are excited to announce the arrival of NexGen to Evolution!

The search is over…..NexGen is here…..THE Next Generation in Nail Enhancement Technology. NexGen Nails feel and look natural and do not damage the nail bed, unlike traditional Acrylic Nails.

For years us and many other Salon owners have searched for a safe and healthy alternative to acrylic nails. One that would add length, protection and shine without the damage that acrylics can cause.

The NexGen system has been developed by a group of nail professionals with decades of industry experience.

If you have been searching for a friendly, hygienic, experienced local Nail Salon or Nail Bar in Ely, March or Kings Lynn, then look no further!

You can enjoy the benefits of our strong and durable alternative to traditional acrylic nails today! You can book online or via our Facebook Page, or simply call one of our friendly Team.

Nail enhancements can be applied over the top of your Natural Nail or in addition to Nail Extensions if you require extra length. We have a huge selection of colours to choose from, including glitters, nudes, neons, reds……well, pretty much any combination you can think of!

NexGen applications can be customised to each clients requirements by using a wide variety of colours and glitters available.

NexGen is:

* Lightweight and flexible

* Strong and durable

* Non-toxic and odour free

* Non pourous

* Comfortable

* Forever shine

* Non-yellowing

* No primer

* Maintenance free

* Crack and chip resistant

* Water resistant

* Environmentally friendly

* Calcium and vitamin E fortified