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Our Hair Extension Technician is available in both our Kings Lynn and Ely Salons.

She has (currently!) 19 years experience in creating hair that dreams are made of using both Fusion Bonded and Micro Ring Techniques.

We specialise in both Fusion Bonded and Micro Ring Hair Extensions; you can opt for either a Full Head which gives both length and volume, or a Half Head which will give you either length or volume.

Free consultations are available by appointment at both Salons. During your consultation we will be able to provide advice on everything from which type of extensions would be most suitable, to colour matching and length that best meets your expectations.

We strive to achieve a flawless blend between your new extensions and your natural hair so it is important that you do not colour your hair after your consultation as this could result in the beautifully matched Russian Remy Hair we have ordered in for you not matching the colour or tone of your hair during fitting.

We believe in offering thorough aftercare advice to help maintain your perfect hair for as long as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions


How long will fitting take?

A Full Head of Hair Extensions usually takes around 4 hours to fit; however, this can vary slightly depending on the thickness of your natural hair.

What type of hair do you use?

Rest assured that we use ONLY the very best quality hair from a trusted supplier. We will ALWAYS use Russian Remy Hair.

Although there are of course cheaper options, it always pays to use the very best quality hair. Regretfully we will not use hair that has been brought in from other suppliers as the quality is more often than not questionable, and in many cases contains both horse hair and synthetic hair, and, with the best will in the world will end up matting no matter how you try to care for it.

Can I still colour my hair if I have extensions?

Yes you can! However, we recommend that you only colour your ‘t-section’ and be extremely careful to avoid any product coming into contact with the bonds of the extensions.

Do I need any special products to care for my extensions?

Yes. You will need to use a special hair extension shampoo and conditioner, which we stock at both branches, and it is recommended you use either a ‘loop brush’ or a ‘tangle teazer’ style brush.

How long does my own hair have to be to have extensions?

You must at least be able to get your hair into a ponytail as a general guide. If your natural hair is too short it can make it extremely difficult to both blend your hair with the extensions, and to style.

If you would like to book your free Consultation for Hair Extensions you can do so via our website, via facebook or you can call our Team at either Salon.

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