Lash FAQ

Do eyelash extensions harm my natural lashes?

Human eyelashes grow between 7-11mm in length. The upper eyelids have approximately 100-150 lashes and are coarser than those the lower eyelid that has approximately 70 eyelashes.

An eyelash has a lifespan of about 10-12 weeks in total. When applying lash extensions you can clearly see that there are three different lengths of natural lengths: baby, medium and long lashes. Lash extensions should only ever be applied to medium or long lashes – NEVER BABY LASHES.

The only time damage can be caused to natural lashes is when:

  • Extensions are applied to baby lashes – this causes the natural lash to go into shock and fall out as too much weight has been applied.
  • Too much glue is used when applying the extensions – this causes the lashes to clump together and get stuck, not allowing the lashes to grow and move freely.
  • Apply extension that are too long for the length of the clients natural lash – this again causes the lash to bare too much weight and pre-shed.
  • Not advising clients on aftercare

At Evolution Beautique we pride ourselves on being trained to the highest standard possible by AH Francis the original lash extension company.

So, in short, lash extensions when applied correctly cannot cause damage to your natural lashes. In fact, they cause usually less damage to your natural lashes than applying mascara and removing it on a daily basis too!

At our salons in both Ely and Huntington Cambs, we only use top-end products. We use AH Francis Silk and Mink lashes pro-blended plus glue, C2 sealer and various other tools and accessories.

We advise a patch test before your first set of lashes to ensure these are no adverse effects to the glue – although this is very, very unlikely!

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