Ely & March, East Anglia

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"Sometimes, we all deserve a little pampering! "





Our state of the art Ultrasun Powertower Sunbeds are the most powerful on the market, with regular tube inspections ensuring that they are kept at full power at all times, and with prices starting from just 50p a minute, making it affordable tanning!


The spacious Tanning Cabins are even air-cooled to keep you comfortable whilst you are busy achieving your beautiful, glowing, year round Tan!

















Tanning Creams & Lotions


We stock a wide range of reasonably priced tanning products, designed to enhance your Tan. These range from simple protectors for beginners to anti-aging, intense tingles and dark bronzers.


Spray Tanning


For those that prefer a much more instant result, Spray Tanning may be a preferable option.


Our purpose built Spray Tan Suite will ensure your comfort and privacy during your Tan.


We offer a choice of different Tan shades to suit your requirements, or mood for that matter!




Both our Tanning Suites are thoroughly cleansed between each use for your comfort.


Responsible Tanning

The term ‘responsible tanning’ means something different to every one of us because we all have different skin types. Our clients will be asked to complete a consultation form; advice will be given to suit your skin type, taking into account Tanning and Medical history.


UK Law prohibits the use of Tanning Beds by anyone under the age of 18; should you be lucky enough to look 18 or under we reserve the right to ask for I.D


Benefits of Tanning

When Summer finally comes around we all tend to have a bigger smile on our face, which is no big surprise to us!


Whether you want to keep that all year round golden glow, or just get a base for your holiday, we can find a package to suit you. A little sun every day helps to boost our mood and helps to prevent several serious illnesses. Many scientific studies have been performed which show this.


When Tanning safely and responsibly we can both see and feel the benefits.


Responsible Tanning can help:

   Reduce heart diseases

   Help lose weight

   Relieve Pain

   Boost immune system

   Prepare for Summer/Holiday

   Increase bone structure

   Increase the intake of vitamin D



Please see our separate Pricelists section for detailed pricing of Spray Tans and Sunbed Minutes & Courses